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Okay, I haven't posted in aagessss! But don't worry about that. I've been immensely busy so I (sadly) have very little time to read. I hope i'll finish a few books soon so I get to write a review! and i'll schedule a tag post somewhere in the near future.

So yeah

Over to you, BookBoard!

10 awesome books that i got in my mail, but couldn't accept to review for some reason. Just to give those books some love; I listed them down below!

Quiznot by Russell Stoll

QuiznotTimothy Starr thought nothing of the encounter: a girl with a foreign accent asks for directions and squeezes his wrist in appreciation. It seemed an innocent gesture, even though it did leave a slight mark. But then his life slides out of control. Somehow his emotions are influencing the real world. When two high school classmates are seriously injured as a result of his emotional outbursts, Timothy is forced to choose: take his chances in the justice system or enroll at Smithson, a private school that says it can help him. He chooses Smithson. Nothing at his new school is as normal as it appears. The faculty’s interest in his destructive powers doesn't seem directed toward helping him get back to normal. Most of the seemingly perfect student body is having an idyllic high school experience, oblivious to the outside world except for an annual geology field trip out west to search for something called a “quiznot.” The few other students he meets with powers of their own are sullen and reclusive. Timothy wants answers. Was his encounter with the girl really a coincidence? And why is this quiznot so important? But then he learns that the last student who asked similar questions may have paid with his life.

A Boy & His Corpse by Richard B. Knight

Like any fifteen-year-old, Alan Chandler has to deal with the horrors of adolescence—social awkwardness, joblessness, and a father who drives him nuts. But there are some not-so-typical horrors too: His father’s job is to resurrect people as anti-terrorist soldiers. Even though his father keeps warning him that the day will come when he’ll need to take over the family business, Alan is more interested in starting an Undead Wrestling Federation—if only he could keep a corpse on its feet for more than a minute at a time.

Meanwhile, troubles are brewing in the Middle East. A mad dictator threatens to start World War III, and Alan knows that if his father leaves for war, he won’t be coming back. Not alive anyway. With the future at stake, Alan must choose between his adolescent dreams and becoming the leader his father needs him to be. He needs to find himself and understand how his powers work...before it’s too late.
A Boy and His Corpse

The First by Lisa Green

A tale of myth, mystery...and a past long forgotten.

Something is out there.

And the people live in constant fear.

But their biggest threat lies within their own village. Everyone and everything is dying, slowly and without hope of salvation.

In a world where almost nothing is truth and isolation is the purest form of self-deception, the possibility of hope exists only in the heart and mind of a young woman who chooses to follow an unknown path in order to save everyone she knows and loves. Before long, she discovers that her most vital beliefs are based on a deception that will rock the foundation of her entire people. To save them, she must learn to open her heart and sacrifice…everything.

The FirstYou may think you have heard this story before, but be warned.

You haven’t.

In The Absence of Kings by Lee Lacroix

Enter Garreth, a reclusive woodsman, who with his son, Novas, are propelled from their secluded, forest home after defending it from the encroaching loggers of the Blackwoods Company. "The King is dead!" they had screamed at Garreth, former royal bodyguard, and drove the man back to the capital of Amatharsus to find a reason to the most troubling statement in Malquia's recent history. Garreth unites with his allies in the dishonored King's Guard to overcome the military, political, and economic opposition that the Blackwoods Company has imposed on Amatharsus and beyond, and incites a rebellion before the free people of Malquia fold under crippling recession and the environmental destruction of their verdant homeland.

When the dejected Malquian Queen reveals that the Blackwoods Company had been making the Malquian citizens pay a steep ransom for their island continent's independence, Garreth, Novas, and the restored King's Army must defend their families and their homes against an invading, overseas empire, which has been massing at Deepshine, the home of the Blackwoods Company leader, and brother to the Queen, Lord Vyse.

Micro Stories by Edward Meiman

Want to read a good story, but just don't have the time? Want to have something to do while you wait for the bus? Stuck in a doctor's office with nothing but year old travel magazines? You need a micro story for your hectic world. Micro stories are all a thousand words or less. They take only a few minutes or less to read. Micro Stories for a Hectic World has over one hundred of these stories grouped into seven genres. If you want to read something funny, there are Humor stories galore. Want to be transported to a far off world? Check out the Science Fiction collection.

Micro Stories for a Hectic World

The Mystery of Deadly Daisies by Steven Vagovics

What would you if you had a material feud with your future brother-in-law? Would you fight for your right? Would you do more than anyone else to get what you deserve? What would you do if you found out that he got murdered? Living in the 1940s by the sunny sides of Hawaii, detective Herbie Fox appears to investigate the murder. Who committed the terrible crime of killing? Find out in this first episode of the crimi novel series. Remember, things aren't quite what they seem to be. Are you ready to face the truth?

The Mystery of Deadly Daisies (Herbie Fox Stories, #1)

Gates by G.S. Luckett

Can a condemned soul become God's weapon? (Disclaimer: Non-Religious)

A death row inmate, known as The Brit, on an isolated island is able to escape from his execution during a freak thunderstorm. Now, he finds himself fighting his way through the prison and protecting the very people who jailed him. Pursued by prisoners and guards that will not die and a mysterious inmate from his nightmares, The Brit has to lead the others to escape in order to save their souls and possibly his own.

Some of God's instruments are tarnished


Suppliant by Laura Tree

Eighteen-year-old Layla Sanders lives life one step at a time, enjoying the last week of school and looking forward to college in the fall. In addition, she is handling the news of her adoption, and the discovery of her visions, in the same manner.

Damien Cartwright, the new kid in school, comes to her rescue right after graduation, pulling her into his Realm. Layla discovers that she needs to fulfill a prophecy to find the Azure Pendant and keep the balance between the Light and Dark.

She travels to The Isle, a prestigious school of the Council, where she will undergo training. At The Isle she will be forced to declare a side before starting her journey through the Realms in search of the Pendant. But will finding the Azure Pendant help Layla find her birth parents?
Suppliant (Azure Pendant Series Book 1)

We Wish You a Happy Killday by Jason Heroux

"We Wish You a Happy Killday" is the story of an international beloved holiday called “Killday” where one day a year everyone over the age of fifteen is permitted to register for a license allowing them to kill one other person. But this year Chad Ovenstock doesn’t feel like killing anyone. His friends and family urge him to participate in the festivities, but he can’t seem to get into the holiday spirit. On the day before Killday Chad comes in contact with Ambrose, an old friend who suffered a nervous breakdown and is now part of The One Ant Army, a mysterious cult dedicated to making the future disappear. When the holiday finally arrives Chad refuses to participate and tries to survive on his own, surrounded by constant gunfire, countless corpses, and the nagging suspicion that Ambrose may have secretly brainwashed him into becoming a member of The One Ant Army cult.

He visits his aunt in the hospital, gets shot in the arm, and dragged to a party: just another Killday full of traditional high-spirited bloodshed. Shot, wounded, and disorientated from powerful painkillers, Chad struggles to come to terms with his place in the strange and bewildering world around him

Enter Ruinland by C.J. Anderson

Could you survive in a ruined world? Inspired by the words of Nietzsche, Enter Ruinland is the searing dark chronicles of human and synthetic life following a future nuclear apocalypse. The world war, triggered by religious terrorism, causes the remnant of humanity to question faith in God and the meaning of life itself. An artificial intelligence will sentence to death all humans incapable of authentic emotion. Within a military bunker are 70 survivors who face execution by a fabricated being. A soldier with a troubled past must come to terms with a horrible truth. One woman's lustful choice may have fatal consequences. Survivors have two choices: stay underground and be controlled by artificial intelligence, or take your chances outside alone in the desolation. This is a story about the mystery of life, the finality of death, and the struggle to survive in a devastated world.

Enter Ruinland

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