Sunday, 5 October 2014

Blue Lights by Hollow Frazer

‘One villain, a white room and the deadliest creature he will ever meet.’ 

Swallowed by the harsh sea, Morgan Sanders finds himself trapped in a white room with no entry or exit. Upon awakening, he is greeted by the ghosts from his past. ‘Blue lights’ is a fantasy and supernatural short story that follows the struggle of an antagonist in a fight against his dying body and a sinister realm between life and death. 

Can he beat the odds stacked against him or will he forever be trapped?

Blue LightsSo this was interesting. There's not much to say, this story being about 20 pages long, but what was written in there? I liked it.

So basically, Morgan get's thrown of a ship for some reason and ends up in an... empty chamber of doom? I'm not sure.

I think that the author was trying too hard to put this story in a small amount of pages. This would be great if it would have been stretched out a few dozen pages. Some more explanation would have been nice, too.
The whole story was a little confusing... but enjoyable.

What made me like this book was the amazing writing style. I loved how Frazer described the environment and made me able to really picture what was going on so vividly. Like a movie playing on in my mind.

I think this was pretty interesting... even though it got a BIT confusing.

And then there was the ending. To be continued... what?! There's gonna be more? I thought this was a standalone short story... apparently not, hm.

That's about all I have to say! You guys should check this out, I read it within one hour and yeah... it was pretty enjoyable. I'll give it 3 stars... well, more like 2,5  because there wasn't really much action going on except for that flashback thing? The writing was so good Jup 3 stars it is!

Lots of luck,

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