Monday, 27 October 2014

Song Challenge! #ReadingCram

This Challenge is for the Chills and Thrills Readathon! You can still join by listing yourself over at Dana's blog.

This frightful readathon is being hosted by the bloggers at A Perfection Called Books, Little Red Reader,Dana Square and Juliababyjen's Reading Room. So if you're happy and you know it CHECK THEM OUT!
It's a little late right now and i still have to watch yesterday's TWD, so i'm going to make this quick!

For today's challenge i'll be making a music playlist for any of my creepy reads. Pretty simple right? I sure hope so.

Hosted by Bookscape Reviews

Emm. Can I pick The 5th wave again? It's pretty creepy, aliens and crap. Let's do The 5th wave! :D Great.
So let's see..

  1. Green Day, Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  2. Ac Dc, Hells Bells
  3. Muse, Time Is Running Out
  4. Imagine Dragons, Demons
  5. Muse, Citizen Erased.
Conclusion: My taste in music sucks.
Other conclusion: That playlist is pretty depressive.

That will be all! Going to watch some zombies now! :D (SO EXCITED. I hope Beth is back!!!)

Lots of Luck,