Review Policy.

Before you send me your request, you should know some things about me and what you can expect from me. One of these is that I enjoy pretty much all genres (Middle Grade, YA or NA), excluding erotic or romance novels (Yes, none of that romantic stuff. ugh, I can't stand them. So please don't send me one of those or it will be awkward for everyone involved). And obviously I only accept literature, so no cookbooks or DIY guides because you'll only waste your own time sending me a request for a book like that.
You should also know beforehand that I am a critic reviewer. Say I accept your novel but detest it: my review will be negative. If you're looking for a blogger that only gives 3 stars or up then you've come to the wrong address. 

I wholly support Indie authors! And of course accept Ebooks and Physical books (Note that I live in Italy) alike. ARCs are also welcome.

NOTE: No book is guaranteed acceptance and I will consider all proposed novels carefully.

If you're still reading and your novel isn't any of the things listed above then go ahead and contact me! You can expect a reply from me in either one minute or a few weeks (depending on my mood),

You can contact me at
Please make sure to include the title of your novel, the synopsis, the cover and the author(If you're a PA or writing on behalf of the author). Also include any particular expectations like review-by dates. I also HATE it when people bomb me with a bunch of links and files, so please just paste all the information that I listed above in the email and not send it in a separate file or website.

If you are on this page to request my participation in a blog tour or any kind of promotional event then please follow the exact same guidelines I wrote above me. I love doing blog tours, spotlights or blitzes so don't hesitate to throw it all at me!