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The BookBoard

This is the first time i'm posting a bookboard! It's something i came up with a few days ago. Basically, I select 10 awesome books that i got in my mail, but couldn't accept to review for some reason, and list them down below! Just to give those books some love. Let's get started!

Unrelenting Nightmare by Stan Yucom

“Unrelenting Nightmare” follows Stuart Garrison, a virtual reality software developer on the cusp of industry domination, as he navigates a deadly cat-and-mouse game with an international assassin hired by his fierce competitor. The stakes are high, as Garrison tries to outwit his clever potential killer while releasing an innovative new technology to the world.

Unrelenting NightmareYocum brings his theater background and extensive experience in the business world to “Unrelenting Nightmare” while tackling important topics in today’s society, such as the prevalence of violence and the impact of virtual reality on youth.

The Falcon's Eye by S. Nathan

the story is about a land pirate who is rescued from execution and revealed to be the last heir of an ancient dynasty, exiled at birth to protect her from assassination. When circumstances force her to journey to Aundour to meet her real father, she finds herself caught in a web of politics, while discovering a dormant power within her. But she never asked for magic, wealth, or even a parent. All she wants to do is escape. When Aundour's sworn enemy and the man who killed her mother declares war, she is forced to choose between her own need for freedom and the kingdom doomed to fall without her.

Blood Blossom
Blood Blossom by Daryl Hajek

After having been separated for twenty-two years, Vivian wants to reestablish ties with her younger sister, Christine. Instead, she is met with hostility and resistance. Christine wants one thing and one thing only--revenge. Fueled by rage and having a sadistic sense of humor, Christine will stop at nothing to go after their mysterious mother, Rose. No one better stand in Christine's way--or else!
Julia Windom, a wealthy woman with selfish motives, concocts plot after plot to ensure her personal goal is achieved.
They all become embroiled in a battle of wits to stay one step ahead of the other. Lives are further complicated in a whirlpool of diverse events as they occur at breakneck speed. Overwhelming crises develop, strengths and weaknesses are tested, truths overcome lies, and shocking secrets are revealed that could push some to the brink of insanity.

Antisense by R.P. Marshal

What if you could evolve in a moment? What if you had the power to change the genetic future of your loved ones and the people they become - simply by the way you live your life? When neuroscientist Daniel Hayden’s father dies, such thoughts begin to erode his very sanity, with the growing fear that he might share a dark secret buried deep in his family’s past – a past he is about to relive. The idea only seems to gain credibility from the bizarre results coming from his own laboratory, forcing Daniel to resurrect the discredited theories of an eighteenth century naturalist in the process. Was Daniel’s fate sealed all those years ago? Has he been betrayed by his own DNA? Antisense combines literary fiction with the sharp, crisp prose and pace of the best suspense novels. The author's insight into medical science and how it might inform the nature of human behaviour is all the more compelling because it is based on real science. It's not a whodunit, but a whydunit. Not science fiction, but fiction with real science woven through it. A thought provoking and enigmatic work.

The Journals of Taylor Hart: Inside The Mind of a School Shooter by Dan Andrews

An extraordinary, disturbingly powerful collection of journals, The Journals of Taylor Hart is a collection of writings penned by a lonely, violent, and yet brilliant young man, spanning across more than four of his most formative years—culminating in the ultimate end of murder and slaughter on a university campus, giving the reader a once in a lifetime opportunity to glimpse into the mind of an individual capable of committing a mass school shooting.
The Journals of Taylor Hart: Inside the Mind of a School ShooterOn Monday, December 29th, 2008, Taylor Hart began writing his journals in spiral-bound notebooks. Obsessively, he recorded everything ranging from his thought provoking philosophical views down to beautiful short stories, even down to entries that could be described as nothing other than the products of raw emotion— insanity driven rants.
After four years of spiraling downward, Taylor’s maniacal and sociopathic progression collapses, concluding with his suicide in his university’s observatory and with the confiscation of his writings, but now, after some time, Dan Andrews has reacquired his former close friend’s unpublished journals. Published with all of Taylor’s originality intact, laced with timeless existential questions and violence, The Journals of Taylor Hart forces the reader to confront the question, “Who is the next person on the brink of committing the world’s next atrocity?

The Fall by Stephen Cost

For thousands of years, Death walked behind the dark veil of the living, waiting to ferry the dead. That is, until the day Death took a life for pleasure rather than duty. On that day, the first Reaper fell to Earth. Now, Reapers live among us, craving the taste of death, forcing them to kill to satisfy their immortal hunger.
Giles Reid fell more than 300 years ago starving for the taste of death, only to find himself drowning in a sea of the living and blinded by a hunger that forces him to kill. In the centuries since his fall he has tried to be more human, desperate to live a life that makes up for what he is and the wrong he has done. Driven by his guilt over killing, he has chosen to feed only on evil; humans that have never been a threat to him but who are always a danger to others. That is, until the day he tries to feed on a human as strong, fast and cunning as himself; a human who, it turns out, has been hunting him.
Now he is pursued by the very evil he has fed on for centuries and tormented into playing a deadly game of cat-and-mouse. The only choices left to him are to save the life of the women he loves, the daughter of his mentor, or betray her for his own survival.
To save the woman he loves, Giles will have to be the monster he is.

Strings by Darren Gallagher

33 dark tales; the invisible bindings that tie us all together.

Within this book you will find terrifying tales from catastrophic celebrations, to freaky family funerals… …

Beware the supernatural, Beware the weather… …

Beware the strings.

The Queen of Carleon by Linda Thackeray

Avalyne is at peace.

The Shadow War has come and gone and the kingdom of Carleon is now restored. King Dare, a mortal man has finally wedded his elven love Arianne. As they prepare to usher in a new era of prosperity across the land, the Queen happily announces the impending arrival of an heir.

Arianne's joy is short-lived when she discovers that an ancient evil has emerged from the wreckage of war with a monstrous plan for her baby. Determined to protect her very mortal husband, Arianne embarks on a quest with her two companions, the warrior maid Celene of Angarad and Keira of the Green, to journey to the far corners of Avalyne before the enemy can plant a seed of evil in the heart of her unborn son.

Child of Doors by Joshua Little

Arc Litchfield is a 21 year old office worker at a dead end job just coasting through life. She does her best to hide from the world outside and forget a traumatic childhood, getting by the best that she can. This stasis works well until her life is upturned by Aimii, a younger girl she falls for at the library, and with Aimii comes an inhumanly tall, faceless man that only Arc can see. She and Aimii are haunted by the faceless man as events slowly go out of control and their lives fall apart bit by bit and it becomes clear that they are hunted by something far older and more dangerous than they can imagine. No weapon can harm him. Nothing can contain him. No one can stand against him. But locked deep in her mind may be the secret to saving them both.
Child Of DoorsIf she can survive long enough to find it.

The Manifestation of Light by Ryan A. Shimek

in the city of Valour, the priests and priestesses of Edara, the Goddess of Light, await the birth of a child to replace one of their own in service to the goddess. When Aven's child arrives and is claimed by Edara, he kidnaps the infant and escapes the city, where he is greeted by a world thought to have been abandoned by the gods. Braving the wilds beyond the city's border to save his son's life, he encounters a woman named Tishett in a forest touched by Death himself. With her help, Aven must survive the deadliest of trials, and discovers that their histories are filled with lies. The world was never abandoned by the gods, it was consumed by them.
The Manifestation of Light

I hope you found something you like!
Lots of Luck,

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